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We at Crazy Dog Living want you to consider living life BETTER. We call it . . . The Way of the Crazy Dog.

Feel free to look around. There are stories here that may help to put a smile on your face and there are resources that may help you to reflect upon your own approach to daily living. Who knows…perhaps you’ll find something here that may lead you to a new way of daily living life. We call it . . . The Way of the Crazy Dog!

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The Magic Power in New Friendships

The Magic Power in New Friendships

  Sorry it has been so long! Hi friends. Sorry it has been so long since we've posted last. Life has a way of taking each of us down unexpected twists and turns. These past several weeks have really taken me on a personal journey of discovery, of new opportunities, and of new friendships. A Journey of Discovery As I approach nearly six decades of living, life never seems to get any easier. Yes, there is wisdom in living, having learned from earlier experiences and failures. But life...

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