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The Way of the Crazy Dog 60 Day Inspirational Journal Has Launched!

by | Mar 5, 2023 | Latest News, The Way of The Crazy Dog

One Happy Journaler!
Howdy all! Well, we’ve done it! We’ve just launched our first Crazy Dog Living publication. It’s called, “The Way of the Crazy Dog – 60 Day Furball Inspired Gratitude Journal” and was just released on Check it out for yourself! Let’s talk about WHY we made this colorful and upbeat inspirational journal and how we hope it can help folks to have a better well-being and lifestyle.

There’s too Much Stress and Anxiety!

Example Filled Out Page
We all know there is there’s so much out there that can cause stress, anxiety, and worry . . . too much in fact. It can easily overwhelm us, stealing the joy from our daily living. Television, social media, the news, or, frankly, just bumping into others who are less than positive, these things can steal the joy and happiness from us like Kryptonite steals Superman’s powers. Crazy Dog Living exists as a lifestyle brand to try to help people to LIVE LIFE BETTER. So we chose to make an inspirational journal to try to help people be mindful that they have so much going on in their own lives to be happy and grateful about. (FWIW, we have many more fun and inspirational resources coming out soon! This is just our first to try to put something in the hands of our fans to try and help them to find a smile and a bit of joy in their own daily living!)

Embrace The Power of Gratitude!

This book is a gratitude journal at it’s core. It is supported by other elements that are designed to help provide a boost to our moods. It provides inspirational quotes and photos of fur-balls that can make us smile. There are vibrant colors to help bring a vitality to how we feel. Those things combine together to help positively affect how one feels. Daily Gratitude Journaling has been proven to provide real, tangible benefits. Numerous studies have shown that practicing gratitude journaling can increase happiness, uplift one’s mood, provide for better sleep, and so much more! This isn’t psychological mumbo jumbo. It’s proven that gratitude journaling provides very real benefits for those who do it. But to gain the benefits, one must develop the habit and practice regularly for it to take root. Just like eating one small salad doesn’t help someone lose 50 lbs, it takes a regular, repeated succession of efforts to make a difference. So that’s why this book provides 60 Daily Journal Pages. It’s enough pages that by the end of your 60th day, you will more than likely have realized benefits. It’s like a daily vitamin helping to give you more of what you need while helping you to counter the negative effects of your environment and your stinkin’ thinkin’.

Change Your Daily Routine, Change Your Life!

Are we saying that this is a miracle book and is some how magically going to make you be happy? Of course not! But we do know for sure that it will more than likely help you to be happier as you begin each day’s walk. What you get out of it, though, is up to you. Whether it’s a weight-loss effort, or a fitness routine, it’s ultimately up to you to make the choice to change your daily behaviors. The quote from John C. Maxwell really does speak an important truth: “You’ll never change your life until your change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.” So what about you? Do you want to try to experience more joy and happiness in your life? Perhaps this journal can help you. You really do have the power to get to a better place!

Take the Crazy Dog Living 60 Day Gratitude Challenge!

Grab a copy for yourself. Practice Daily Gratitude Journaling. It takes only a few minutes each day, but the benefits over time can truly help you to FEEL BETTER and to develop greater well-being. Consider throwing down the gauntlet and ask a friend to take the challenge with you. Perhaps you can help them find the joy and happiness in their own daily walk and the support from an Accountability Partner can only be a plus! In the future, we hope to continue to provide you with information, tools, resources, and inspirations to help you to live the Crazy Dog Life and to


contains Numerous inspirational Fur-ball photos and motivational quotes!

The Way of the Crazy Dog - 60 Day Furball Inspired Gratitude Journal (FULL COLOR!): with Inspirations to help you to Live Life Better!

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