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Spencer the Boston Marathon Dog. . . A Life of Inspiration

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Latest News

Have you heard about Spencer the Boston Marathon Dog?

Spencer made the news recently. For years, he’s been a regular at the Boston Marathon annual events, appearing regularly on the side lines. Often with a flag held in his mouth, Spencer has been a dog of inspiration to both runners and visitors for many years. He was honored for his service by the gift of a massive portrait unveiled at the Fairmont Copley Plaza on Wednesday, January 4, 2023. Spencer was diagnosed with terminal spleen cancer. Though he was undergoing treatment, Spencer continued to provide inspiration to the runners at subsequent Boston Marathons.

What is it about our four-legged friends that make them such an instrument of inspiration for two-leggers like us? Isn’t it rather interesting that dogs can provide such a powerful influence on our human emotions? It’s almost magical or spiritual in how they can affects us.

One of the key tenets of The Way of the Crazy Dog is to Be Kind and Loving. Spencer (and his family) clearly demonstrate what it means to live out that tenet. While some may say that dogs don’t have emotions and can’t love, scientists have studied the human/canine bond. Is it just a social behavior or is there scientific evidence that dogs possess emotions that can be demonstrated and measured when it comes to these bonds?

There are many articles and studies on this. In fact, numerous books have been written on this wonderful connection we humans have with our canine friends. Books have been written, including by Dr. Gregory Berns, M.D., Phd.  “How Dogs Love Us” provides insights into the scientific study and analysis to help us better understand whether dogs actually develop LOVE for their humans.

Regardless of the science, many dog owners know the truth: The human/canine bond and connection is real and it is powerful.

Dogs like Spencer have almost a near spiritual power and influence on people. It is as if they KNOW that what they are doing is having a genuine positive impact on us. Golden Retrievers in particular are known to be emotionally sensitive and can easily pickup on human emotions.

Stories of impact, as with Spencer and his family, clearly are examples of the impact of being Kind and Loving. As Spencer demonstrates, it’s often just showing up with a smile and a wag of the tail that can lift up those near by.

So as you live your life today consider how you can be an inspiration to those in your own circle. It doesn’t take much effort to be loving and kind. In today’s often over-whelmingly dark world, be like Spencer. The simple power of being kind and loving can light up a household, town, or, in the case of Boston, a whole city!

Make sure you visit Spencer (and Penny!) online at Facebook! The could certainly use a few likes and followers!

Note: The article and photos used in this story were given by approval by Spencer’s papa, Richard Powers, in January 2023. If you’d like to support the family, consider visiting their family photography studio online at






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