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We Are Getting Ready!

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Latest News

Today we are laying the bones of our new website! We’ve only just begun to put together the foundational components needed to bring Crazy Dog Living to life. So far, we’ve gotten our hosting operational, our domains registered, email inboxes setup, and security tools in place. But there’s so much more to do yet.

Crazy Dog Living is being brought online with the hopes that it may help ALL OF US look to a different way of living life. We call it “The Way of the Crazy Dog.”

Our hopes is that we may all share in life’s journey together and apply the simple life lessons so easily observed and learned from our four-legged canine friends in our homes, neighborhoods, and lives.

Who am I, do you ask, and what could I possibly know about how to live a happier life?

Let me start by saying that I’m just an average guy, a “Joe the Plumber” or in my case, “Bob the IT Guy.” I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  I’m not a trained expert in emotional health and well-being. I’m just a guy who’s lived his life, learning lessons along the way. And one of those lessons I’ve learned has to do with observing how dogs find JOY and happiness in such simple ways of living.

So I’m putting Crazy Dog Living online to share some of what I’ve learned in my own life from the many dogs who’ve come in and out of my life.

Is this website a dog lovers site? Well, I certainly love dogs! My wife calls me “the Dog Whisperer” but I’m not a dog trainer or anything. I’m just a guy who has a way with all sorts of canines. Dogs generally dig me and I dig them! But this new website isn’t really a site about dogs as much as it is a site about how to learn lessons in living from our four-legged friends. We plan on having stories from our community about the impact of dogs in our lives as well as other ideas and helpful tips for simply just trying to live life a bit more joyfully and simply.

Please be patient with us. We’ve much to do and we’ve only just begun!




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Bubba The Dog Whisperer

Bubba The Dog Whisperer

Dog Lover, artist, photographer, husband, grandpa, Christian, IT Guy and more! By profession, I've been an IT Director/CIO for much of my career. But that is only a part of what defines who I am. I'm a husband, married to my Honey Bunny, Lori, for coming up on 30 years! I spoil her as often as I can. My favorite thing is to walk with her, hand in hand, around our neighborhood with our four-legged son, Keebler. I'm a professional IT Director/CIO and Elder Geek. (Yes, I remember PONG, programming 6502 machine code, floppy disks, and sneaker-net.) I'm an oil painter who loves to paint landscapes and seascapes mainly. But I also dabble digitally now using Procreate on my iPad 4 Air or using Adobe PS and my Wacom tablet. I'm a creative at heart, but with a digital life and profession. I'm a photographer (Canon 5D Mark IV) who loves doing travel adventures. From Maine's seacoast to Big much beauty to capture through my lenses! I'm a Christian, though like many, I am struggling at times to understand why so many find it so hard to "Love thy neighbor." My wife says I'm the "nice guy" and that she can tell a man's soul by how dogs react to that person. Dogs love me, and I love them. I try to be the person my dog THINKS I am, though I've a long way to go to learn to be as good as he sees me.